Fish2 Photography: Blog en-us (C) Fish2 Photography (Fish2 Photography) Fri, 27 Oct 2017 20:15:00 GMT Fri, 27 Oct 2017 20:15:00 GMT Fish2 Photography: Blog 120 80 Nikki and Jon's Engagement Shoot Jon and Nikki met at the church they attend. It was a moment that would change both their lives forever. Nikki is a professional trumpet player and music teacher and Jon loves playing the bass and they both play in the church worship team. There seemed to be a spark that flew over the instruments and made them unable to ignore it. And so in a typical Lancashire way, even though Jon is a southerner, they met for a brew.

It was a difficult time in both their lives but there was something between them, a spark, a pull that they couldn’t ignore even if their brains told them it was not the right time their hearts knew different and I am so glad they followed their heart.

That first brew date they couldn’t stop talking even as the chairs and tables where tidied around them, the staff waited patiently to go home but time for Jon and Nikki had stopped still. They could have stayed and talked for hours like a movie storyline you remember from the age when love really meant love in movies.

The brews didn't stop nor did the talking and their love blossomed as they got to know each other over time. Sneakily Jon had picked the perfect engagement ring for Nikki, it was a vintage ring from a little jewellery store in Brighton Lanes. He had hand carved a jewellery box from a piece of wood he had salvage on a holiday in Wales.

They decided one day to take their dog Jake on a walk along one of their favourite beaches in St Annes, Lytham and now was the time for Jon to ask the question. Most Men get scared but excited to ask but Jon plucked up the courage and Nikki said yes. It was the perfect moment for this outdoor loving couple.

I have been given the honour of photographing their wedding but first, we did a little engagement shoot with them in a local woodland. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day.

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Anna and Nigel's Wedding - Fulwood Free Methodist Church - Ferraris Country House Hotel I’ve known Anna for over 10 years and we’ve been close friends for about the same amount of time. She’s been there for all the good times and bad times and I for her so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I jumped at the chance. There was one little snag though as I would be 9 months pregnant (and 2 weeks off my due date) on the date of her wedding not something I would normally agree too but this was no normal wedding or any other client so I said yes!

Being the responsible photographer I am I chatted with my friend and colleague Janet from Janet Wareing photography she agreed to come onboard and bring her second Conny to help (as my usual second is Anna’s brother so he was a little busy that day being best man). I’ve worked with Janet many times and it was great to work with her again and to try and understand Connys thick Yorkshire accent as a Lancashire gal.

The ceremony took place at Fulwood Free Methodist a church I have photographed at many times. Such a lovely venue with the wooden ceilings and stained glass inserts makes it very dramatic.

I do love confetti shots, they have got to be my favourite series of photos with people just enjoying themselves and celebrating with the couple. Did you know the tradition comes from Italy where they used to throw candies, petals or grains of rice?

Nigel and Anna love walking around the lake district, in fact anywhere, they are always posting photos of the grand and beautiful places they end up walking to over the weekend and they had included this shared love in the little touches in the reception. The cake looked like they had taken it straight from the surrounding of their latest walk.

My usual second photographer at weddings was the best man and he along with Nigel and Anna's dad John did a great job of the speeches even though he was incredibly nervous!. I always hear great stories about the couple during the speeches although I can't spill any beans on this one Anna would kill me haha.

I do love this photo it makes me chuckle, Annas niece is just fed up and ready for food during her Grandad's speech. 

My second Si still getting a photo in even though he's off duty.

Congratulations Anna and Nigel! You are a lovely couple and wonderful people.

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Tabitha Grace Newborn shoot I first worked with the Maddocks family at their wedding in 2012. I have had the privilege of photographing their little boy, Benjamin, for his newborn session and today I got to meet their latest addition a little girl called Tabitha and do her newborn shoot.

Benjamin, who is now almost two, is running around as we arrive playing games with his dad as mum is feeding Tabitha. I set up and give mum the choice of what outfits she would lie Tabitha to wear and once she has finished her breakie we get started. 

I always find newborn shoots really interesting, generally poo filled as well but it is always an adventure. You never know what will happen. I have an idea of what generally will happen, at some point someone will wee on or near me, occasionally poo too, someone will be sick and someone will cry. Usually that someone is always the baby and today that is still true (thankfully). 

I find new babies really interesting because you are meeting this new person, who a lot of friends haven't met yet, someone who is discovering everything for the first time. They haven’t developed their personality yet and it's a time no one remembers. I always wonder what they are thinking about and what they see.

Anyway the shoot goes really well and we get some great photos here are a few of my favourites from when I met little Tabitha..

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Jon and Alisa Mini Maternity It’s not often I get to do maternity shoots, mainly because most people don’t think about capturing photos of themselves and their bumps, so it was a real treat to do a maternity photo session with Alisa and Jon.

Alisa was 8 months along on the day of the shoot and ready to go on maternity leave but running a successful business she had lots of work still to do before she took a little break. After a lot of discussion we decided to do the shoot in a small studio with the weather being awful - it always seems to rain in Preston - as with this shoot we were definitely on a strict time limit with no idea of the deadline as babies seem to be the only ones who know when they want to come and meet people. 

Being pregnant myself at the time of this mini maternity shoot it was lovely to capture such an important moment in their lives and talk bumps and baby things. Here are a few of my favourites...

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Josh and Steph Wrights Wedding - Fulwood Free Methodist | Garstang Golf Club I've been waiting to photograph this wedding for months! After photographing their engagement (engagement shoot) I was really looking forward to photographing their special day.

They had unintentionally picked a gorgeous sunny September day, just the right kind of weather for a wedding sunny and not too bright so everyone squints in photos (never a good look and one I always avoid). As Steph was getting ready at her parents there was a buzz about the place. A mix of excitement, unknowing and waiting, waiting for the most exciting day of their lives to start. The girls were all getting ready and were excitedly chatting about what was about to happen.

This photo (below) sums up everything I love about photography. Paul (Stephs Dad) had been banished while Steph got ready and after all the finishing touches were applied I called him back in, he walked to the living room door and just stopped as he saw Steph, a moment that took his breath away, his youngest daughter looked stunning there is nothing else happening but that moment. They went to hug and as they did the moment seemed to flow over to the bridesmaids and they welled up, a sister, sister to be, close friends all realised what that one look meant, what the hug meant. It was a moment you cannot truly explain or pass by as a thrown away comment, it is one that sticks with you. A moment that you tell your children and grandchildren and a photo you cherish - this is what I love about being a wedding photographer.

Josh on the other hand had been getting ready at his parents with all his groomsmen and mum and dad. I always find men take a lot less time to get ready. The have a lot less pampering and preening to do but the little details like ties and suits always have a lot of time taken over them to make sure they are just right before they head of to the church to wait for what seems like an age for their bride to arrive.

I do love the moment when the bride walks down the aisle, you never know what the groom's reaction will be - will he cry, laugh, or smile sweetly? Josh was a mixture of both as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle towards him, it was a day they had both waited years for. For the wright person, at the wright time, the wright one (see what I did there? - their surname is Wright - Sorry I'll stop now).

Josh and Steph decided to cut the cake at the church so that everyone who had attended could see which I thought was a lovely thing to do.

The reception was great, a lovely mixture of friendly jabs in the speeches, friendship and family. It was especially poignant as a few days after the wedding Josh’s grandad sadly passed. It was amazing that he was at the wedding and could enjoy it.

It’s always hard to pick photos from a wedding but this one was especially difficult as there were so many favourites. I had to stop myself as this blog was getting massive! I hope you have enjoyed a small peak into Josh and Steph’s day.

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Emma and Jonathan's Wedding, Charnock Farm, Leyland I first met Emma at my very first wedding fayre early last year. I hadn't ever done wedding fayres before as I have always worked from recommendations previously but I managed to get a slot, set up and met some lovely people. Emma came back to speak to me again and we arranged a little meeting so I could meet her Fiancé (Jonathan) and her amazing son (Joshua) and of course we could talk all things weddings.

A few meetings and almost a year later the day had finally arrived there was a little rain in the air but that didn’t damper the mood of the bride and her bridesmaids. They had rented a lovely little house in Leyland which had a traditional farm cottage look to it. Such a nice place to take photos and not having to worry about tidying up before too!

How gorgeous are these dresses?

The boys on the other hand where in the land of superheroes as they got ready. The boys were getting ready as the best man finished his speech. I love the superhero cufflinks and custom art. The special touch was the ring bag that was made out of a shirt from Emma's grandad who sadly passed away before the wedding. I love little touches like this. It makes the day even more special and significant.

The Church was lovely, high ceilings and gorgeous stained glass. A wonderful location for this amazing couple to tie the knot. With their family and friends around them they read their vows and exchanged rings. I always enjoy the ceremony whether it is a civil or church ceremony. People are declaring their love for each other and how they will always be there no matter what. Emma and Jonathan are a very strong couple and a lot has happened to them just in the past year since they booked me and I don’t know of a couple who when they state their vows they look so determined to live them out.

I must admit I am a sucker for a good confetti throw and I love Jonathan's expression in the last photo.
The reception was at Charnock farm, a location I have photographed before, the staff are still as friendly and welcoming to all the guests and us too. The speeches go of without a hitch although at one point Joshua declares “when are these going to end?!?” I think hunger has set in :). He doesn’t have to wait to much longer to which he is very happy.

Last but not least here are a few of my favourites from the day. The first one is shot in front of Emma's grandads restored truck she travelled in to her wedding - epic lady!

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Anna and Nigel Engagement Shoot | Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire It’s a sunny Saturday in late July and I’m waiting at a lovely cafe in Dunlop Bridge for a lovely newly engaged couple to arrive for their engagement shoot. I’ve never photographed here before but it is a gorgeous location, the kind you imagine in a small Lancashire village, green leafy trees, a slowly flowing stream, old brick built buildings with cyclists and walkers enjoying their day.

Anna and Nigel arrive slightly nervous just like most couples not sure what to expect as it’s not every day you get your photos taken. We head to the first location and talk about their wedding plans. I love hearing about different couples day’s, that every wedding isn’t the same.

Dunlop Bridge has a beautiful stream and fields the perfect location to do a couples shoot. Romantic scenery and a wonderful couple always help. Anna and Nigel relax into the shoot and we get some great photos. It’s so exciting to mark a part of someone's lives with photos, to remember and to share with their family and future generations it’s one of my favourite, if not my favourite part of taking photos.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in February, but for now here are some of my favourite photos from the day.

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Simon and Rachel | Heskin Hall, Chorley, Lancashire Rachel and Si are a couple I first met last year. They were looking for a wedding photographer and they picked me! They had first met at work when Si inhaled helium from a balloon and serenaded her winning her over instantly.

Today is their wedding day, Rachel is relaxed and calm as she and her bridesmaids get ready. Makeup and hair are done as they open the champagne.Cupcakes and food are served and with an hour to go Rachel gets in her dress.

Si on the other hand is panicking about everything wanting it to be perfect for his bride. Getting boys ready is always a challenge but Si seems to have them sorted.

The venue is a really interesting one, an old hall with gardens that are full of character. The weather is perfect, sunny and warm but not too bright, the camper van pulls up and a buzz goes through family and friends who are waiting. Si is stood nervous at the front but as the music starts and his bride walks down the aisle it all fades till all he can see is her.

I love all the individual touches Rachel and Si have decided upon. I loved how they had lovingly made paper aeroplanes to walk through instead of confetti. It was a really fun touch and everyone loved it.

Rachel and Si look stunning and so do their wedding party. It was a amazing day and great clients. I love that they are up for a bit of fun and it comes across in their photos.

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Bluebell Wood - Josh and Steph's Engagement I have know both Josh and Steph for years, I remember working with Josh at Sainsbury's just after I finished my degree (gosh! almost 13 years ago) and Steph used to be one of the kid dancers at my Mum's Sunday School, yes Steph I went there haha don’t worry there are no photos here anyway. They are a great couple and I am very excited to be photographing their wedding. It’s always an honour when friends ask you to photograph their special day.


After chatting with them in their first client meeting I went away and talked to my assit-band (assistant/husband) Rob and we decided that after knowing them both separately and together for around 20 years (yes I am that old) we would go ‘off list’ and give them an engagement shoot as a wedding present. After all I’m sure it’s ok to go off list when it’s not one of those awful photo frames you would never use or 90’s microwave (yes we got offered one when we got married, I politely told my Grandma thank you but we had one).


It’s an unusually sunny Friday afternoon mid May and we are meeting at Bluebell wood in Calder Vale, Lancashire. It’s not a place I have ever been but it’s a gorgeous location in the middle of nowhere hidden around the back of an old church. I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location and this is why I leave that up to my clients, they know where is special to them, where means most and they have never disappointed me yet!


The suns stays out as we photograph in a few locations around the bluebells, great light is coming through the trees. I had such a great time and we stayed out a little longer than we had planned but it was worth every minute and I went home thirsty, hot and dusty so I treated myself to an ice cream (after all why not?).

Great clients + Great location = Epically amazing photos. Here are a few of my favourites, it was incredibly hard to choose though!



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John and Vicky | Dunkenhalgh, Accrington, Lancashire. They met at a friends dinner and started talking. They went to this meal as friends for months but got on like a house on fire. One night as John walked Vicky to the car she finally asked, in that typical Lancashire lass way, if they were ever going to kiss. They have never looked back and I was given the honour of photographing their wedding.

Vicky is getting ready at the Dunkenhalgh with her bridesmaids around her and her soon to be step daughter Ellie (who is VERY excited). There is Prosecco, make up, dresses and shoes all around the room and excitement is in the air.

John is downstairs getting ready with his ushers and best men. I love the guys suits, John is in tweed suit and the boys all in blue. Beer and good company is there to calm the nerves as they boys prepare. Soon family and friends start to turn up.


The ceremony is beautiful and Zach (their son) is soooo very happy to see his mum as she walks down the aisle. John sheds a little tear as they exchange their vows. I love how much weddings mean to the couple getting married, it's not just a piece of paper you are signing, you are giving someone your heart and you commitment for life.

Although it has rained all day it hasn’t dampened John and Vicky’s spirits after all what is a little rain in Lancashire? We take some lovely photos outside before it starts spitting again just in time for everyone to head in for the wedding breakfast.

The reception is filled as it should be with laughter, jokes about the groom and the even the bride. John's best men embarrass him every chance they get, the guests even chip in shouting remarks and joining in. It's such a family feel, I love it!

It may not be the sunny spring day you expect in May but it's still a wonderful wedding with a gorgeous couple who are so clearly in love. I had such a hard time picking photos from the day but I think this has to be my favourite...

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Rowena and Frank | Ramada Hotel Southport I first met Rowena and Frank one winter night in January. It was cold and dark but the Ramada, Southport was warm and cozy all ready for a meeting to talk about a wedding. They filled me in with all their wonderful ideas and family concerns they had about the big day but it was a great first meeting and I was excited to be a part of their wedding.

May arrived and the big day came closer, and closer. Although they had been engaged for a while they hadn’t lost any excitement about finally tying the knot. It was the week glorious sunshine and torrential rain but Saturday came and it was dry, well so far. Rowena was getting ready with all but one of her bridesmaids in a lovely room with a wall of windows on one side so you could look over the river and out to the sea. Hair and makeup was being put on, panicked phone calls from other halfs came and went, torrential rain poured, glasses of Prosecco were being poured and handed around, shoes were flying along with jewellery but everything stopped for a moment when Rowena put on her wedding dress.

Frank was downstairs sorting guests and keeping calm but all too quickly the moment had arrived and everyone filtered into the now sun drenched room the ceremony would take place in. The whole room turned and looked as Rowena was walked down the aisle by her son, Frank beamed as his bride smiled at him. This was the moment they had waited 5 years for. The whole day had a party atmosphere, a celebration with family and friends both old and new.

Rowena and Frank had planned many surprises one of them being singing waiters just after the meal had finished. I have never experienced it before and it was rather fun. Family members were up dancing, swinging serviettes around their head and singing along.

Thankfully the rain subsided and the sun came out meaning we could utilise the lovely surroundings and take photos next to the river and along the pier. I had such a great day photographing this wedding, the couple were wonderful and the weather cooperative.

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Grace Abigail Newborn Photos It’s a warm spring day and I’m packing the car to take the 5 minute trip to visit one of my favourite clients. It’s one of those Spring days where you can feel the summer is really close but not close enough to not wear a jumper.

Rachel and Dan have just had a little baby girl called Grace Abigail. I first photographed the family last year for Joshua’s first birthday and I’m looking forward to catching up and meeting the newest arrival.

Grace is beautiful and SO very tiny. At just over five pounds she is the smallest baby I have ever done a newborn shoot for. After setting up and picking some outfits with Rachel we get going. Grace has just been fed so is happy and asleep, Joshua and Dan are happily watching CBeebies and Rachel is sat beside me.

It’s a great photo shoot and Grace is a star! Joshua isn’t so sure though when it is his turn as he would much rather play than have his photo taken, I don’t blame him really :), we played a bit of peek a boo and with his cars (great excuse).

I had a blast and it was hard to pick some of my favourites to put in this blog but here they are. Enjoy!



I do wonder what Grace is pondering so deep about here...


Little teeney tiny feet...

Such a big yawn for such a small girl.


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Sally, Ayman, Hugo and the Pumpkin Farm I do love Saturdays in Autumn. The colour in the leaves and trees are amazing and I do love photographing in Autumn. My good friend Sally Fazelli (check out her blog at called me and asked if I could do a photoshoot with her and her gorgeous family at a local pumpkin farm of course I immediately said yes! I love working with Sally and when our schedules allow it’s always good to get together and do a shoot. 

Saturday morning we headed out to the farm, which still had a few pumpkins left even in mid October. Sally had told me they grow the biggest pumpkins around and she wasn’t wrong. We started with the little pumpkin patch in the field as the grey sky looked menacing in the distance. Hugo did a great job as always he is standing pretty much unsupported so was excited to be standing next to these weird orange ball shaped things. After doing some photos outside we moved inside as Sally really wanted some with the one MASSIVE pumpkin that was left. It was the size of a kids ride around car! 

Hugo just wanted to explore around the farm and the pumpkins. It's like a toddlers paradise! Some of the chickens from the small pen next to the greenhouse had escaped and were running around, excited to see what was going on. 

Near the end of the shoot I wanted to make sure we had got some great family photos of all the family together. We took a little detour to the side of the farm where there was as lovely grove of green trees and a beautiful blue sky. It was the perfect spot to finish the shoot and get some wonderful photos. 

Below are a few of my favourites, head on over to Sally's blog to see hers!


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Robinson Family It's a slightly damp and gloomy September Saturday afternoon and I am heading to meet up with the Robinson family to do a Photoshoot. Steve (the Dad) had received a voucher for a Photoshoot from his kids for Christmas and as sometimes happens their busy life's had taken hold and it had taken till now to organise the shoot with them all. It has special importance as their son Mark is heading off on a round the world tour and today is one of the last Saturday's all the family can do. We decided to do the shoot at Rivington as this was a place the family had visited many times over the years and it's also a place Rob, my assistant-band, and I have walked around throughout our relationship so I know it well. 

Today was not a great weather day. It had rained all week but had brightened up some for the day even if the walkways were incredibly muddy but it was a good excuse to get out the walking boots. We headed down the trail to the river, I really wanted to do some fun things with the family. First on the list was rock skimming, a great activity for the family and a fun way to start the shoot and get rid of any nerves the family may have. 

Sometimes it's hard to photograph families with grown up children. You have to be a little more inventive than with littler ones. However I love this shoot, I think we fit everything to the families personalities, fun, silly and a few serious ones for mum! Here are a few of my favourites...

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Preston Family Farm Photoshoot Preston Family Shoot: 8th August 2015

It’s a Saturday early August and we are heading to Rachel's family farm to do a family photo shoot with her and her wonderful little family. It’s one of those gorgeously sunny warm summer Saturday's that come along way to rarely. The farm is such a wonderful location, fields, sheep, old tractors, who could ask for more from a location.

Rachel, Matt and little Artie have just arrived and are excited. They had asked for a photo shoot voucher from Rachel's mum for Christmas but had wanted to wait until Artie was walking properly and they couldn’t have timed it better. 

We walked around the farm taking some photos near the little lake with its own island, posed with sheep and in the vintage looking blue tractor. Artie was a little tired and unhappy but I put my trusty assistant, my husband Rob, to good use playing peek a boo and bubble machine operator extraordinaire to keep Artie entertained and more importantly helping to make sure he was having a great time. 

It was such a lovely photo shoot and it’s so hard to pick my favourite but here are a few of them!

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Owen House Wedding Barn - Hiney Wedding Photography This love story begins - as so many do - in a pub. Lewis was meeting friends, and when Becky walked through the door with the very people he was meeting, he literally stopped in awe of the beautiful lady he saw. After talking all night, Lewis couldn’t wait the standard ‘3 days’ to message Becky on facebook and get in touch again. It snowballed from there. They fell completely in love and a year to the day after they started dating he popped the big question on holiday in Mauritius. A year later they were getting married and I had the privilege of photographing their day.


It was a glorious sunny Saturday in early June and bridesmaids were calmly getting ready, Becky was getting her hair coiffed and styled and breakfast and champagne was being handed out while people laughed and talked about the day ahead. Little bridesmaids appeared, excitedly had nails painted and ate snacks. Soon it was time for Becky to don the dress she had custom designed herself and get ready to set off for the church.



Meanwhile, Lewis was enjoying a similar morning. Good hearty breakfast at the hotel, champagne with the groomsmen and after getting ready he headed to the church and waited patiently for the love of his life to arrive. Nerves were starting to build as the time she was due to arrive came and went. She was on her way, delayed in traffic and a little stressed but calming down as the church got nearer.



She had arrived; the buzz went around the church and Lewis was ready. As the music started, Dad stole one last kiss from his daughter as the bridesmaids led the way down the aisle to a vocal only performance of Amazing Grace. The bride was stunning and the groom was handsome. They said their vows, declared their love, exchanged rings and all too quickly the ceremony was over. Time for cupcakes, confetti and some formal photos.


Most of the guests then climbed aboard the double decker bus to get to the gorgeous reception venue to celebrate this fabulous couple. There was a relaxed and delicious meal, plenty of laughter and lots of dancing. Every part of their day was tailored very much to who they are as a couple and to their personalities. It was lovely to meet their families and see the love Becky and Lewis have for each other. It was a privilege to be a part of their day.


Here are a few of my favourite photos. It was hard to pick! Enjoy!




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Milton Wedding Photography It’s was a Saturday in late April and I was heading to a hairdressers in Penwortham to start photographing the wedding day of Hayley and Bob. I arrived into organised chaos with 6 bridesmaids,1 bride, 1 mother of the bride and numerous staff members it was very busy place hairpins, curlers and hairspray galore! The Bride and bridesmaids were getting little flowers in their hair and it was fun watching as the hairdresser measured out the spacing between each stem. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist too, it was nice to see others take as much care over something some would consider trivial.


Back at the house mayhem was in full swing, dresses, necklaces, shoes were being passed between all the bridesmaids. Murray (the family dog) was trying to join in, mainly trying to steal the bacon from the butties that the father of the bride was handing out. Hayley had asked for some pictures of Murray with his little red doggy bow tie on. It was interesting trying to get him to sit and look at me but the Bride had a bright idea and brought spare bacon out. He stayed kind of still then, enough to get a photo at least and more importantly the bacon he was promised.


The ceremony was really nice, the groom, best men and ushers were dressed in kilts. It was a great nod to Bob’s scottish heritage. It all went without a hitch and it was lovely that all the family were involved in every aspect of the ceremony with both Mum’s praying for the couple and one of Hayley's brothers lead worship and the other did the preach which included a very self conscious bending down to take a selfie with the newlyweds, checking his kilt wasn’t flashing the guests.


The reception looked amazing the family and venue staff had obviously spent lots of time planning and decorating, transforming the room into a lovely space. On a personal note I must praise the venue staff from Charnock Farm near Buckshaw. As a photographer I have never been treated with so much respect by venue staff as I was from this team. Although it was a rainy day in parts we managed to sneak the Bride and Groom out for some amazing sunset shots with great colours that appeared in the sky.


I really enjoyed the day and it was really nice to be involved in a wedding from a family I have known most of my life. It was really hard to choose but here are just a few of my favourite photos from the day. Enjoy!

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Bathe Wedding Oxford It is a grey friday on the motorway but I am heading down to Oxford for my first wedding outside the Lancashire area. It may be a good five hours in the car, but I am enjoying not having to drive and just enjoying the views along the motorway. Rob, my husband, is driving and doing a good job. We occasionally stop for a tea break and a Krispy Kreme, eventually arriving in a little place called Burford just outside Oxford to meet the bride and groom at the reception venue and to meet some of the key people involved and attend the rehearsal. After stopping for tea at a great little noodle place we head to our B&B. Sleep is first priority, there is a long day ahead of us with lots to think about and do, and it's been a long journey to get here!


Saturday comes very quickly, as it always seems to, and after a full English breakfast I head to the Bride's room and off we go. It is a mass of dresses, make up and hair clips. I meet a very lovely lady who is doing the hair and introduce myself to the bridesmaids and start capturing the day. I always find that wedding mornings seem to go the same way - it starts of slow, people casually getting ready, make up being put on, hair being styled, then suddenly the mad rush starts, time seems to have realised that it had been slowing down and decides to race towards the start time if the wedding.


Dresses and bridesmaids are rushing around, shoes are flung across the room, important items nearly get put in the bin (at this wedding, it was a veil that I rescued). Time soon arrives and I head through the crazy Oxford traffic to the church and snap a few pictures of the activities happening whilst we all wait for the guest of honour to arrive. Adam, the groom looks excited but as the minutes tick by he looks more and more nervous. Helen, the bride, pulls up in her car, bridesmaids get on with their duties of helping with the dress positioning and making sure Helen is ok. Dad waits to perform the last of his official Dad duties, to walk his lovely daughter down the aisle.


The day speeds through. The service finishes and it is a mad dash to the reception venue to get some couple shots done before the rain starts to come down. Thankfully, the rains holds off just long enough to get some lovely shots of the bride and groom and all the formal photographs before we have to head inside. After the speeches and a carvery lunch, I sneak the couple back outside for a few shots in the dark. We use the lights in the wood and my flash to create some lovely shots while my husband stops the cars from driving into our shoot (the wood is next to the car park). It’s getting colder and darker by the second so we head inside so that Adam and Helen can get ready for the first dance and grab a few more friend and family shots.


It quickly gets to 9.30pm, the first dance has been danced, the cake has been cut, people are having a great time and it’s time for us to head back to our hotel, back up all the photos and collapse on the very comfortable bed. It has been a great day and a lovely wedding. Congratulations Adam and Helen, I hope you have a long, strong and happy marriage together!


Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day. Enjoy!


   'Welcome to the family!'
   Mother and Daughter's wedding rings
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Baby Benjamin | Baby Photography Preston I always find newborn shoots interesting. Normally with a portrait shoot you get to meet the person first and work out their personality, their likes and dislikes, but with a newborn shoot you are meeting someone for the first time usually before most friends and family have had chance too. You never know what the baby’s temperament will be or as in this case if it will be a boy or a girl.


On February 14th I got to meet 6 day old baby Benjamin Alexander. We set up our portable studio and after Benjamin had a quick milk snack or two we got started. I love putting little special touches in photos that make them personal to the clients and this time was no different. After a chat with mum and dad I found out dad still had his university scarf so I decided to use dad’s it to wrap Benjamin in for one of the ‘outfits’. Benjamin was a great baby, probably the sleepiest I have ever worked with and he even gave me a cheeky smile or two.


It was hard to choose my favourite photos for this blog but here are the ones I eventually settled on...enjoy...

Uni Scarf 13Uni Scarf 13
Dad 9Dad 9
Mum 14Mum 14
All of us 23All of us 23
All of us 8All of us 8
Stripes 3Stripes 3
Flat Cap 6Flat Cap 6
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Sprakes Wedding Can I be honest with you? Even though I am a wedding photographer, I actually don't really like weddings. Let me clarify before I get beaten with bouquets... I don't like your typical film, tv or magazine wedding. For me, a wedding should be a celebration of who the couple are, and the joining of those two people as one. Thankfully most weddings these days are more like this than trying to be a one-size-fits-all "perfect". I love weddings that are individual, and reflect who the couple are. The wedding I shot a few weeks ago was an excellent example of that, and I really enjoyed myself!


Between the spotty blue wellies and the photos in the cow shed (that’s one brave bride) I thought all the little touches made it all about the couple in question. The bride was up for doing most things and I have to give props to the bridesmaids who came up with some silly - and hilarious - ideas themselves.


We created some memorable photos any one of them would love to hang on their wall and also some amazing shots that generations to come will look at and laugh - seeing the personalities of their family shining through.


Anyway below are a few of my personal favourites from the day, it was hard to narrow it down! Thanks for reading :)


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sprakes :)

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