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Amie-Lea and Zac get married at the Last Drop Village, Bolton

Zac and Amie-Lea seem to have known each other all their lives even though they only remember really meeting at High School. They started dating when they were just 14 and have been together ever since then. They are definitely original high school sweethearts with University and work life not keeping them apart.

Before Amie-Lea turned 21 Zac knew it was time to propose and so he went shopping for the ring and picked one he knew Amie loved. Knowing she is a traditional girl he plucked up the courage to ask Amie’s mum and dad for her hand in marriage to which they happily agreed.

The day had finally come and they were on holiday in St Ives. Zac was off his food and couldn’t eat properly with all the nerves floating around. Going for a walk after their evening meal they headed to Smeatons Pier overlooking St Ives Harbour. Zac pointed out the lights of the church trying to distract Amy as he fidgeted looking for the ring as Amie turned around to ask what he was doing he wasn’t stood next to her but on his knee. Not being able to see clearly in the dark Amy took a step forward and the lights bounced off the shiny ring and he asked her to marry him. She replied with “are you cereal?” (no not a spelling mistake just a little inside joke they both have). Amie, of course, said yes and Zac could finally relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

I first met Zach and Amie-Lea at a wedding Fayre in Bolton about two years ago and they asked me to meet up with them and discuss their wedding day to which I happily agreed. They are such a lovely and genuine couple I couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding.

The day finally arrived and the sun was shining all over Lancashire as I drove to the Last Drop Village in Bolton. Amie and her girls were getting ready and just enjoying the morning. Meanwhile Zac and his boys were nervously getting ready back home.

I love the joy and happiness that just emanated from every part of this ceremony, not just from the couple but also the friends and relatives that were there. It made for such a special moment.  The reception was beautifully designed by Amy and her mum. You could tell they had put their heart and soul into it. 

I love this sequence of photos, it just makes me smile every time I see them. Not many brides do a bouquet toss anymore but it was a lovely moment, how excited it the lady who caught it? 


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