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Becky and Nathan get Married at The Ley Inn, Chorley.

Becky and Nathan met on Tardy Park in Lostock hall when she was 14 he was 17, they had mutual friends and one friend decided the two needed to meet so she dragged her along to meet Nathan. Nathan wasn't going to go to the park that day and he's so glad he did, he managed to pluck up the courage to ask Becky out after chatting to her for three days.

After deciding to book them a last-minute hotel room at the Lancaster House Hotel to celebrate their 9th anniversary Nathan decided to take the opportunity and propose to her in the Hot tub, wanting to keep the ring safe he didn't bring it down to the spa but left it upstairs. When they went back to the room it was nowhere to be found, turns out he'd left it at home which according to Becky is a proper Nathan thing to do.

They had been planning on getting married in 2020 but decided to tie the knot on their 11th Anniversary before their baby arrived instead so they could all share the same surname and start family life together.

It was a lovely winter wedding they had planned in only two months with friends and family around them. Here are a few of my favourite photos of the day.


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