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Beth and Peter get Married at The Stables Country Club, Bury

Beth and Peter are true high school sweethearts they met in 2009 but it wasn't until a school trip to Montgenevre in France when they were placed in the same ski group that they started talking to each other. Beth was 14 and Peter was 15. They have been together since then.

In 2015 Peter decided he wanted to to go skiing again so they decided to go for New Year to Cairngorms, Aviemore, Scotland. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snow for us to ski, but on New Year’s Eve they went up to the ski slopes to have a walk it was so windy they had to come down. Changing their plans Beth and Peter decided to go for a walk around a lovely loch that was right near their hotel. It was just the two of them walking around the loch and Peter sat down on one of the benches. Beth was reluctant to sit on the wet bench in the cold so trying to change his mind and keep going Peter insisted she sit down, so she did.

Suddenly Peter gets down on one knee, pulls the ring out and asked Beth to marry him. And of course, she said YES!

I loved meeting with Beth and Peter every time I did their joy and happiness was infectious and that was definitely true on their wedding day. Although it was a little overcast and rainy they didn't let it effect their day, they were there to celebrate with family, friends and each other.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day:


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