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Chris and Dannielle tie the knot at Villa Farm, York

Chris and Dannielle had been together for just over a year when they got engaged. They’d talked about marriage and I said that Chris had always wanted to be the one that was asked rather than the one doing the asking. After dropping lots of hints nothing happened so Chris stopped mentioning it. Chris and Dannielle went to stay with friends as they had signed up to do a torch run through Dalby Forest. Dannielle had planned to pop the question on their walk through the forest but Chris decided she didn’t want to go for a walk, wanting to save her energy for the run. With a quick change of plan Dannielle decided to ask her on the run instead, however, Chris had to drop out! The next day it was decided that they’d go for a walk around Whitby Abbey, this is where it finally happened. Dannielle handed Chris a bottle which had a little note inside as she opened the bottle Dannielle got down on one knee and Chris read the message on the little piece of paper “I love you, will you marry me?”. A small crowd had stopped to watch the events unfold and as Chris said ‘Yes’ they clapped.

It’s now August and I’m in York to Photograph Chris and Dannielle’s wedding. It’s a lovely summer's day warm and bright, a great day for an outside wedding. The brides are getting ready with family and friends all around them. It’s a lovely atmosphere and quite calm in both houses although there is an air of excitement.

The wedding is at Villa Farm, there is a lovely wooden building at the end of a long walkway through the grass, the chairs are set up and the guests are ready as first Chris then Dannielle walk down the aisle accompanied by a bagpiper in full Scottish dress.

The tipi is set up with music albums everywhere instead of table names, it’s a lovely nod to Chris’s musical passion. Later she picks up her guitar and sings a few songs to Dannielle.

It’s a lovely wedding and I hope you enjoy looking through the photos. Congratulations Mrs & Mrs!


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