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Meeting Tabatha

I first worked with the Maddocks family at their wedding in 2012. I have had the privilege of photographing their little boy, Benjamin, for his newborn session and today I got to meet their latest addition a little girl called Tabitha and do her newborn shoot.

Benjamin, who is now almost two, is running around as we arrive playing games with his dad as mum is feeding Tabitha. I set up and give mum the choice of what outfits she would lie Tabitha to wear and once she has finished her breakie we get started. 

I always find newborn shoots really interesting, generally poo filled as well but it is always an adventure. You never know what will happen. I have an idea of what generally will happen, at some point someone will wee on or near me, occasionally poo too, someone will be sick and someone will cry. Usually that someone is always the baby and today that is still true (thankfully). 

I find new babies really interesting because you are meeting this new person, who a lot of friends haven't met yet, someone who is discovering everything for the first time. They haven’t developed their personality yet and it's a time no one remembers. I always wonder what they are thinking about and what they see.

Anyway the shoot goes really well and we get some great photos here are a few of my favourites from when I met little Tabitha..


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