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Meeting Theo

It’s the 31st May 2014 and I was very excited to meet Theo today. He is a 9 day old little boy who I have been waiting to meet for the last few weeks! It’s always a little odd being booked in for a newborn shoot because you don’t know who you will be photographing, when it will be exactly, what they will be like and in this case whether they will be a boy or a girl! Theo was born and Beth, his mum, contacted me to organise a date when his older step-brother would be available as well.

I arrived with my assit-band, Rob, in tow and a car full of different hats, scarfs and backdrops I've gathered together for newborn shoots. It usually looks like I am moving in but it is always worth it! I love having a good chat with my clients before starting the shoot, and after talking to Beth for a little while, we realised we loved similar colours - teals, purples and greys. I like to know what colours people love - at the end of the day, it will be them hanging the photography on the walls, not me! Colour is personal, it has to tone in, but it also has to show personality.

Theo was a little star, he was a bit upset for a while - he's a newborn after all, they only really know how to eat, sleep and poop, but he was sweet, and only weed on me twice - pretty good going for a nude newborn. I got some amazing shots and the parents absolutely love them which is always the important thing! It's such a special time, one that you can never have back, so it's always worthwhile putting up with a few bodily functions to capture some great memories!


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