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Miriam and Nathan get married in Lancaster

Miriam and Nathan were due to get married but Covid hit, this meant that all the plans had to change but they decided they wanted to go ahead and get married anyway. Why not? They cut down their guest list and their day and the plan was to go ahead and then we were heading for Tier 4 in Lancashire so they changed all their plans again having to make the wedding smaller and shorter than planned but they were getting married and that was the important thing.

Friends and family stood outside the church as Miriam arrived and as they both left, waving signs around to congratulate them and wish them well as close as they could get on the day. It was so wonderful to see, that people wouldn’t let Covid and smaller weddings stop them celebrating the happy couple. They lined the streets and cheered it was so wonderful to see.

We headed for photos to Williamson park in the rain with the bridal party. We didn’t let that stop us though we enjoyed the wonderful autumn trees and colours and it was definitely a day to remember.

Here are a few highlights from the day.


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