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Rachel and Jonathan get married at Stirk House, Clitheroe

Rachel and Jonathan’s friends are both crafty and great matchmakers. They first met when Rachels’ friend Jenna invited her out for drinks and her brother in law invited Jonathan out as “she’s bringing a friend”. Jonny was intrigued so he went along, Rachel none the wiser went out for a drink too. They chatted over some Pernod’s and Black and he managed to get her to agree to go to a PNE match with him so it must have been love at first sight.

Their first official date wasn’t the football but a walk up Tockholes with Rachels dog, who decided to test  Jonny to see if he was a good match and get stuck in the Stream where Jonny had to rescue him from. Passing the woof test they went out for a meal.

A little while later and Jonny, having bought Rachel a helicopter ride for her 30th, was taking her to her first helicopter ride in Yorkshire. Waiting patiently for them to pass over the Emmerdale set in the helicopter Jonny plucked up the courage and proposed. Rachel, of course, said ‘Yes!’.

I met them both about a year before they got married. We decided a coffee at Starbucks would be the best way to meet. I’d photographed a good friend of Rachels wedding back in 2015, Helen and Adam when she was a bridesmaid. They loved my photos and wanted me to cover their special day which I was more than happy to do.

Their wedding was at Stirk House, a lovely 400-year-old house in Clitheroe. It’s one of those venues which has lots of nooks and crannies in where you can turn a corner from modern luxury to old-world beauty, luscious gardens and rustic charm. Rachel was getting ready in a large Suite upstairs perfect for Brides and all their bridesmaids to get ready in. The atmosphere was very calm, Rachel was just taking one thing at a time, the bridesmaids where very excited especially as the day was clear and dry (always a bonus in Lancashire).

Jonny and his best men were the opposite, he was nervous so the boys decided to calm down with a quick beer, as most grooms do. A pint later everyone was relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

The ceremony was beautiful, a white room filled with friends and family all very excited about these two getting married.

It was such a lovely day, such a great couple and such a wonderful wedding. It was hard to pick which photos to go in the blog as there are so many lovely ones of special moments but I hope you have enjoy a few of my favourites.


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