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St Annes with the Ferson Family

It was a cold but sunny March morning. I'd got there early so was waiting for my clients to arrive, by the old St Annes Pier. It was cold, colder than I would like it to be, but that’s the best thing about coats and layers - multiple layers! It wasn't the warmest day for a family shoot, but the sun was making an apperance and I was excited for them to arrive. The family turned up and chaos ensued! The best kind of chaos - Mum, Dad and two boys who are just primary school age.

Eli, the youngest, started telling me all about his scooter, Harry (the eldest boy) jumped in on how cool his scooter was. We decided that they should see how fast they can go and use the outside of a disused large water feature as a race track - making sure I had my camera as my assistant/husband set the race going. This started the theme of the day - fun! Shoots with families should always be fun, it’s about capturing who they are and their personality.

We went onto the pier for a few family shots and inevitably a race to see which of the boys could reach me first. Eli loved pulling faces with my husband, and playing silly games as we walked along the beach. The last part of the shoot was in the sand dunes, so we decided to play hide and seek. Rob (my assit-band) hides and the family jump up and see who can spot him first. It was great, we got some really fun shots out of it, and my husband got to join in on the fun!

You can tell when you've had a great family shoot as the kids don't want to leave, and Eli and Harry really wanted to carry on playing. It was only the promise of some fish and chips that finally got them willing to leave. I had a great time and the family absolutely love the photos. They didn't want any staged photos and when they've been for family shoots before had felt uncomfortable, so I was really happy that they enjoyed the day and were pleased with the final shots.

I love shoots like this, they make my day! There are a few photos from the shoot below.


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