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About Families and babies

Whether you want to capture time with your kids before the start to refuse or some of those special newborn cuddles it's important to me to capture these moments in a relaxed, natural and fun way.


My tips

For the session the first and most important thing to do is relax. You might not be used to having your photo taken and that's ok, honestly it is, I'll arrive and we'll chat for a few minutes before I get my camera out. If you have young kids I'll chat to them as well and use all the information my kids tell me all day every day about characters, dinosaurs, princesses, etc to help them relax as well. 

With babies, we'll start the session slow with you having baby cuddles, first you then your partner then some together. If your baby wakes up or cries and wants feeding that's totally ok, we are on their schedule and they are the star after all. I'm a mum too so I get it. we just take a break and come back when they are topped up. There's no pressure and we can get some lovely photos in the time we have. It is always best to try and feed them before I arrive but we all know babies do what they want haha.

Don't try and be too matchy matchy just be yourself. If you want to tone with your clothing that's great as I know sometimes you need an excuse to get the paw patrol top away from them to wash. 

Ask away

I have a whole page of frequently asked questions so click on the button below and have a read through. If you have any questions you can always message me on here, Instagram or facebook.

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