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Hello! My name is Christina

Thanks for checking out my website I genuinely love what I do so it's great you are here. I thought I'd tell you a little about myself and my lovely little photography business.

I live in Preston with my hubby and my two kids and have lived in Preston for the majority of my life. It's a place I love to live and work but I work all over the North West. I started taking photos when I was really young on my dad's camera and it has always interested me. After studying at college and Uni I decided to try and explore the TV world and ended up making models for a tv show, working at the BBC, and a few other things but I missed taking photos so I quit my job and started Fish 2 Photography in June 2008. 

I get asked a lot why I called my business Fish 2 Photography. Let's start with no there was never a Fish 1 and no I'm not a fish fan, I mean I like eating them and watching them swim around but that's about it. When I started the business I  didn't want to be the same as everyone else and use my name so I started thinking. I thought about when I was younger and how I used to get teased for having big eyes and I was called fish and frog a lot so I decided to turn a negative into a positive and use it as my business name and the 2 well that was just because in 2008 everything was 4 or 2 or had some number in it haha. 

I love what I do and especially capturing your family or wedding day and your individual personalities, no one is the same so no couple is the same and no wedding is the same. I very much try and create a relaxed and fun experience on our shoots. I know you probably have a load of questions so I've popped a bit more information over on my questions page but please feel free to get in touch and ask any question about your special day or family session.



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