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About Weddings

Weddings are one of the biggest days of your life and getting them right can be stressful. I know it can be hard to choose a photographer as well. I always suggest a few tips to people to help them pick a photographer that you'll love having on your wedding day. 


My tips

Firstly look through their website and social media, and see if you love the photos they create and the style they have. Once you have found a photographer you really love then the next thing I would do is look at their reviews if they are part of a trade association or have the necessary insurance and how long they have been working as a wedding photographer (this is the biggest thing to check) as knowledge and experience of weddings will help them in any situation that might occur on your wedding day meaning they will get the best photos for you.


Thirdly if you are happy with all that you have seen and read arrange to meet with them for a brew to chat through your plans and see if you feel comfortable with them and if they are available to photograph your day. If you feel relaxed around them then you should feel comfortable spending all day with them. This is the most important part of choosing who is right for you. They will be with you all day, not just around but actually there near you all day so knowing you feel relaxed and can have a nice chat with them will help you feel comfortable and this will come through on your photos. Come away from that meeting and chat together about how you felt with them. The last thing would be to book them and horray you have the perfect photographer for you!

Should it be me?

If you've read through my tips and like my work then that is great! I'm happy to meet up and chat about your wedding day over a brew and some cake. It's always been important to me to do this. 

My style is quite relaxed and I want to capture the day as it goes but saying that I will take you away to take couple of photos with a location in mind. I'll chat and talk with you and ask you to do things like walk or cuddle or even kiss, shocker! I won't manhandle you into a pose but I might point out something like a bouquet growing out of the groom's head and ask you to move it or suggest a pose if you are feeling uncomfortable and need help. I get it, having your photo taken is not something everyone does, well unless you are famous, and it can be uncomfortable which is why I try and pick up on your subtle couple gestures as you interact on the day. You might like to always hold hands or kiss their nose and I'll try and put you in a situation to bring that out naturally without you realising, although I've told you now but let's hope you forget haha.

Ask away

I have a whole page of frequently asked questions so click on the button below and have a read-through. If you have any questions you can always message me on here, Instagram or Facebook. You can also click below to download a brochure to look through.

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