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A fun maternity shoot with Sophie from Turquoise Strawberry designs and her family

It's a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon about 4 weeks before Sophie's (seamstress extraordinaire and owner Turquoise Strawberry Designs) baby is due and we are in Hurst Grange Park taking some family photos.

I always think it's lovely to capture the moments just before your life changes, Engagement shoots, Bump shoots, it's these moments that quickly go by and you don't remember what life was like before. I know I don't. My second baby was born in December last year and it feels like she's always been with us.

I was so excited to meet up with this lovely little family and as we walked around and chatted Rosie was so excited. I'm going to believe that's because I'm fun and not because I'm probably a new person to talk too haha. I love Rosie's spirit, she was chatty and lively and just wanted to have fun and enquire about it all. I wonder at what point we lose that as adults? I try and do crazy things with my kids all the time like going out in the rain to splash just because. I can see Rosie doing this, I think she'll be in charge of everything in a few years. She'd probably have sorted this mess of a year right out!


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