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A trip to the beach with Sally Fazeli

I have never been a fashionista. I have never really understood fashion - like who decided shell suits were cool in the 80s? Or that looking like a lumberjack in the 90s was the way to go? I have, however, always loved fashion photography.

The way that well known and well established photographers think up amazing ideas and make things look so dream-like and imaginative is really cool. This week I took my first steps into the world of fashion photography with my friend Sally Fazeli, a local blogger (check her out at

We decided to explore the Formby beach area, and go very natural, as the outift that Sally wore fitted this location perfectly. It was cold, it seems to always be cold in the north west, and a little windy, but this actually made for some great photos! My favourite photo from this shoot is the one of Sally surrounded by this georgeous windswept tree we found just off the beach. I really enjoyed my first real fashion shoot. Although I still don't understand the world of fashion, I appreciate working with people who do, and being able to do shoots and create shots that I'd be unable to do in other circumstances. It was great to work with Sally and I look forward to working with her again.

Have a look through some of the photos below.


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