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Andy and Becca get Married at Wyresdale Park, Scorton.

Sometimes it takes a little time to fall in love. I know this because my husband took his sweet time asking me out. But for Andy and Becca they took time to get to know each other. They first met at the church they attended.  After hanging out with together with their friends having lots of games nights and takeaways Andy invited himself round to Beccas for coffee a few times. 

Andy realised he had fallen for Rebecca he loved her adventurous spirit and her beauty was striking.  One night they went out for some food and ended up paddling in the sea at Lytham and he told her how he felt and what lady could resist, so they started dating! Enjoying lots of time together, eating cake, drinking Prosecco, travelling abroad and watching box sets they grew closer every day and shared the same dreams. 

In August 2018 Andy knew it was time to propose. The first proposal plan Andy prepared didn't work as the hot air balloon ride was cancelled, however, with the support of his best man he planned a lovely walk along the beach at Formby.  During an amazing sunset Andy asked Rebecca to marry him, she of course immediately said yes and 7 months later they were getting married and I had the privilege of capturing their special day.

I had the honour of capturing Andy's sisters wedding a few years before so I was more than overjoyed when Andy and Becca asked me to photograph their day. Here are a few of my favourite photos.


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