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Becky and Tim's Engagment Shoot

Becky and Tim first met at a university residential for the long distance uni they attended. Becky saw Tim across the room and thought he was really very handsome and he just lit up the room with his sense of humour. Tim on the other hand just noticed her bum and how good he thought it looked.

Despite these first impressions they became friends but after a year Tim couldn’t stand being just friends and he asked her on a date. They went bowling and Tim saw nothing wrong with thoroughly beating her at two games of bowling and 2 games of pool. Becky let that slide and they went on another date and another and another.

This little coffee shop became the place Tim would ask Becky to marry him. Tim had booked out the whole of the upstairs for them both and Becky not expecting a thing suddenly found him down on one knee proposing. She couldn’t stop smiling as they made calls to family and friends to tell them the good news.

It wasn’t till a little later when they were walking around Tatton Park talking about how their new life together that what had just happened sunk in and Becky realised she was getting married and she was going to go wedding dress shopping and she started to squeal! Thoroughly confused Tim wasn’t sure what all the excitement was over a dress.

I’m really excited to be photographing their wedding in a months time but for now here are a few of my favourites from our engagement shoot:


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