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Emma and Rob get married at Tatton Weddings at Stock Farm Barn

I got an email from Emma in September asking if I was available to photograph their intimate family wedding in November and of course I said yes! They had been together for 15 years but only got engaged and decided that now they were going to do it they'd just get married and it was such a wonderful day.

It was one of those crisp Autumn days were its cold but sunny and the sun shone around Stock Farm. The leaves were still red and the people didn't get too blue in the cold haha.

Below are some of my favourite songs but here is Emma to give us a bit about how they met and got engaged:

'We met through friends in Manchester in the final month of parties at University back in 2006. We went on a few dates and learned that for the most part of our lives, we'd grown up 20 minutes away from each other, which is where our families still lived. Rob stayed in Manchester for a year while I moved home so I could save up some money to do some traveling I'd wanted to do for some time - a passion we now share. We moved in together and a short 15 years later... we got engaged in early August of this year.

Rob & I like to go hiking and walking and we got engaged near where we live on a hill at sunset with a view out over where we now live and as far as where we both grew up. Since we wanted a small wedding, we decided on a quick turnaround, for a change! '


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