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Gayle and Joanne get married with Ralph the dog beside them

A instagram message four weeks before the big day was how I found out about Gayle and Joannes wedding. I did a mini shoot with Gayle a few weeks earlier which was bought as a birthday present for her and it was then that Gayle told me we went to high school together. Now most of you that know me know my memory for anything without a camera in my hand is horrendous so sadly I don’t remember her, had I taken her photo I would, my brain is weird I know!

They were hoping to get married in a few weeks time as a few family members were seriously ill and they desperately wanted them to be there for their special day. They had arranged a holiday at a cottage in Ambleside and decided to have a small ceremony there which would be shared live on facebook so their other friends and family could be a part of their special day too.

After the ceremony we went to Grasmere to take a few special photos with Ralph out in his favourite place to have a paddle. It was such a lovely day. Here are a few of my favourites from the day.


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