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Hayley and Bob get married at Charnock Richard Farm

It’s was a Saturday in late April and I was heading to a hairdressers in Penwortham to start photographing the wedding day of Hayley and Bob. I arrived into organised chaos with 6 bridesmaids,1 bride, 1 mother of the bride and numerous staff members it was very busy place hairpins, curlers and hairspray galore! The Bride and bridesmaids were getting little flowers in their hair and it was fun watching as the hairdresser measured out the spacing between each stem. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist too, it was nice to see others take as much care over something some would consider trivial.

Back at the house mayhem was in full swing, dresses, necklaces, shoes were being passed between all the bridesmaids. Murray (the family dog) was trying to join in, mainly trying to steal the bacon from the butties that the father of the bride was handing out. Hayley had asked for some pictures of Murray with his little red doggy bow tie on. It was interesting trying to get him to sit and look at me but the Bride had a bright idea and brought spare bacon out. He stayed kind of still then, enough to get a photo at least and more importantly the bacon he was promised.

The ceremony was really nice, the groom, best men and ushers were dressed in kilts. It was a great nod to Bob’s scottish heritage. It all went without a hitch and it was lovely that all the family were involved in every aspect of the ceremony with both Mum’s praying for the couple and one of Hayley's brothers lead worship and the other did the preach which included a very self conscious bending down to take a selfie with the newlyweds, checking his kilt wasn’t flashing the guests.

The reception looked amazing the family and venue staff had obviously spent lots of time planning and decorating, transforming the room into a lovely space. On a personal note I must praise the venue staff from Charnock Farm near Buckshaw. As a photographer I have never been treated with so much respect by venue staff as I was from this team. Although it was a rainy day in parts we managed to sneak the Bride and Groom out for some amazing sunset shots with great colours that appeared in the sky.

I really enjoyed the day and it was really nice to be involved in a wedding from a family I have known most of my life. It was really hard to choose but here are just a few of my favourite photos from the day. Enjoy!


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