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Jen and Chris get Married at Vernon House, Vernon Park, Stockport

Jenn and Chris have a lovely love story so I will let her tell you the story...

"Chris and I met when I was 16 and he was 17. I lived near Glasgow and he lived near Manchester and we somehow got added to each others MSN account, which was the new way of communicating way back in 2003, when computers where white and massive and you couldn't use the phone if you wanted to go on the internet. It quickly became apparent that we had a lot to chat about and our talks every evening after school became the best part of the day. Numbers were swapped and phone bills wracked up over the following month when he finally asked me out for real! Of course, I said yes, even though I hadn't met him yet.

I remember telling my mum tentatively that I was going out with someone I met on the internet, thinking I was going to get in so much trouble! However, things went well (surprisingly) and we continued to go out and finally met that summer when Chris' friend came up to Glasgow with his dad for the weekend and he asked to tag along. The rest was history! We were young and about six months later we broke up as the long-distance had become even longer after my family moved way up to the islands on the northeast of Scotland. We never forgot each other and four years later during my second year of uni, we started talking again. I'd arranged to call him on New Year's Eve at midnight, and being slightly worse for wear, I was completely distraught when I dropped my phone and thought I'd broken it! When I got home at 2am I was finally sober enough to realise it wasn't broken and that I was able to phone him. He thought it was hilarious and was up playing games on his PC anyway. He always says he was glad of the call as he was going through a really rubbish time then and it really cheered him up.

I was at uni in Edinburgh and he was down in Swindon so the distance was still the same, we talked everyday though. Over the months Chris moved back up to Manchester and we'd managed to see each other a few times. That September we decided to give it a proper go and promised we would see each other as much as possible. This turned out to be nearly every fortnight for 3 years. When I finished Uni I made the decision to move down to Manchester and that was that. It was finally nice being in the same city and 9 years later we are married. We've been together for twelve and a half years now, he's my best friend and I love that I got to marry him."

Their wedding was filled with little details they had made or created themselves and lots of personal touches. The boys wore Darth Vader and Stormtrooper buttonholes and the wedding reception was filled with sci-fi and gaming centrepieces, there was even a gaming station at the reception for people to play old school games on. It was a lovely day and proof that weddings should reflect the couple's personalities and history, it makes such a difference.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.


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