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John and Vicky get married at the Dunkenhalgh, Accrington

They met at a friends dinner and started talking. They went to this meal as friends for months but got on like a house on fire. One night as John walked Vicky to the car she finally asked, in that typical Lancashire lass way, if they were ever going to kiss. They have never looked back and I was given the honour of photographing their wedding.

Vicky is getting ready at the Dunkenhalgh with her bridesmaids around her and her soon to be step daughter Ellie (who is VERY excited). There is Prosecco, make up, dresses and shoes all around the room and excitement is in the air.

John is downstairs getting ready with his ushers and best men. I love the guys suits, John is in tweed suit and the boys all in blue. Beer and good company is there to calm the nerves as they boys prepare. Soon family and friends start to turn up.

The ceremony is beautiful and Zach (their son) is soooo very happy to see his mum as she walks down the aisle. John sheds a little tear as they exchange their vows. I love how much weddings mean to the couple getting married, it's not just a piece of paper you are signing, you are giving someone your heart and you commitment for life.

Although it has rained all day it hasn’t dampened John and Vicky’s spirits after all what is a little rain in Lancashire? We take some lovely photos outside before it starts spitting again just in time for everyone to head in for the wedding breakfast.

The reception is filled as it should be with laughter, jokes about the groom and the even the bride. John's best men embarrass him every chance they get, the guests even chip in shouting remarks and joining in. It's such a family feel, I love it!


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