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Jon and Nikki Farm Wedding

Jon and Nikki met at the church they attend. Nikki is a professional trumpet player and music teacher and Jon loves playing the bass and they both play in the church worship team.

That first brew date they couldn’t stop talking even as the chairs and tables where tidied around them, the staff waited patiently to go home but time for Jon and Nikki had stopped still. They could have stayed and talked for hours but they eventually got kicked out.

A while later Jon picked the perfect engagement ring for Nikki, it was a vintage ring from a little jewellery store in Brighton Lanes. He had hand carved a jewellery box from a piece of wood he had salvage on a holiday in Wales. They decided one day to take their dog Jake on a walk along one of their favourite beaches in St Annes, Lytham and now was the time for Jon to ask the question. Jon plucked up the courage and Nikki said yes. It was the perfect moment for this outdoor loving couple.

It was a lovely day in September the sun was out and shining and Nikki and her girls were getting ready at her Mum’s house. The place was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Meanwhile, the boys were being their typical relaxed selves and Jake the dog was getting his outfit on too.

The wedding was at Crossgate Church in Preston, the church they both attend, which was decorated with gorgeous watercolours and  festival decorations transforming the space entirely, it was beautiful.

The reception was at a local farm in Preston, the owner owns and restores old steam engines and fairground rides which made for a great backdrop for photos. Nikki’s school band came and played whilst people played on the carnival games and tried some of the coffee from the cart.

One of my favourite parts of the day was when Nikki's Mum, who plays the trombone, and some friends marched into the venue playing their instruments. It was so much fun and Nikki was so surprised.


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