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Josh and Stephanie get married at Garstang Golf Club

I've been waiting to photograph this wedding for months! After photographing their engagement I was really looking forward to photographing their special day.

They had unintentionally picked a gorgeous sunny September day, just the right kind of weather for a wedding sunny and not too bright so everyone squints in photos (never a good look and one I always avoid). As Steph was getting ready at her parents there was a buzz about the place. A mix of excitement, unknowing and waiting, waiting for the most exciting day of their lives to start. The girls were all getting ready and were excitedly chatting about what was about to happen.

Paul (Stephs Dad) had been banished while Steph got ready and after all the finishing touches were applied I called him back in, he walked to the living room door and just stopped as he saw Steph, a moment that took his breath away, his youngest daughter looked stunning there is nothing else happening but that moment. They went to hug and as they did the moment seemed to flow over to the bridesmaids and they welled up, a sister, sister to be, close friends all realised what that one look meant, what the hug meant. It was a moment you cannot truly explain or pass by as a thrown away comment, it is one that sticks with you. A moment that you tell your children and grandchildren and a photo you cherish - this is what I love about being a wedding photographer.

Josh on the other hand had been getting ready at his parents with all his groomsmen and mum and dad. I always find men take a lot less time to get ready. The have a lot less pampering and preening to do but the little details like ties and suits always have a lot of time taken over them to make sure they are just right before they head of to the church to wait for what seems like an age for their bride to arrive.

I do love the moment when the bride walks down the aisle, you never know what the groom's reaction will be - will he cry, laugh, or smile sweetly? Josh was a mixture of both as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle towards him, it was a day they had both waited years for. For the wright person, at the wright time, the wright one (see what I did there? - their surname is Wright - Sorry I'll stop now).


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