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Katie and Jordan have a small and intimate wedding at Southport Town Hall

A few weeks ago I got a Facebook message from a lovely lady called Katie. Katie and her fiance Jordan were due to get married earlier this year but instead postponed it so they could wait until they could celebrate with their friends. They, however, had decided to have a small ceremony with just 4 guests and wanted me to come and take some photos for them of course I said yes! It was a lovely sunny afternoon and a perfect one to celebrate a wedding. I'm so glad people are still having some joyous moments in 2020 and weddings are definitely one of them.

I'll let Katie tell you more about their story:

"We met aged 16 at college and stayed friends until we eventually went on a date at 21! Jordan was in the Navy so was away a lot and when he left in 2018 after a 10-month deployment we got engaged and bought a house. Our wedding was originally booked for the 26th of March so it got cancelled with 4 days notice. We waited to see if things got better but actually, they got worse and we really wanted to get married this year and just take at-least one nice memory from 2020. Our unofficial wedding is another year away, so we decided to have our grandparents as guests, with one from each side of the family as a witness. They mean so much to us and we couldn’t cope with the idea they might not be here next year. However, I’m sure they will be and the other grandparent that wasn’t a witness will do a reading for us at our ‘unofficial ceremony’. This will probably be the only time you have a justified reason to have two weddings, two dresses, two lots of flowers and two wonderful days to remember... so why not?! Thank you for being a part of our very small, short and sweet day. We love how friendly and relaxed you made us feel, and the pictures we will be forever be grateful for."

Enjoy looking through a few of my favourite photos from their ceremony.


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