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Meeting Grace

It’s a warm spring day and I’m packing the car to take the 5 minute trip to visit one of my favourite clients. It’s one of those Spring days where you can feel the summer is really close but not close enough to not wear a jumper.

Rachel and Dan have just had a little baby girl called Grace Abigail. I first photographed the family last year for Joshua’s first birthday and I’m looking forward to catching up and meeting the newest arrival.

Grace is beautiful and SO very tiny. At just over five pounds she is the smallest baby I have ever done a newborn shoot for. After setting up and picking some outfits with Rachel we get going. Grace has just been fed so is happy and asleep, Joshua and Dan are happily watching CBeebies and Rachel is sat beside me.

It’s a great photo shoot and Grace is a star! Joshua isn’t so sure though when it is his turn as he would much rather play than have his photo taken, I don’t blame him really :), we played a bit of peek a boo and with his cars (great excuse).

I had a blast and it was hard to pick some of my favourites to put in this blog but here they are. Enjoy!


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