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Meeting Hugo

It was the last Friday in September and I was getting ready to meet Hugo. Hugo is the 10 day old baby boy of friend and collaborator Sally Fazeli (check out her blog at I was excited to meet him; having done a maternity shoot with Sally just a few weeks ago, but as always a little nervous about how the shoot would go and preparing ideas in my head for positions and outfits. I arrived and Sally looked effortlessly stylish - as always. Ayman, her husband, was on the last day of his paternity leave and Hugo was doing what newborn babies do best - sleeping. After bringing in my stuff, I introduced myself to Hugo. He is a great and very chilled little boy. I told him my name and that I would be taking his photo today for his mummy and daddy, something I like to do with all my newborn clients - after all it would be rude not to!

We started the shoot and Hugo was amazing. He stayed asleep throughout except for a few milk breaks and some mummy cuddles. He’s obviously inherited his mother’s genes in his ability to be natural and look great in front of a camera, giving me some smiles and opening those big eyes on occasion to charm the camera and all who look at the photos.

It was a great shoot and I really enjoyed the day and I got some great photos, below are a few of my favourites.


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