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Meeting Jason

Jason is the firstborn little boy of Steph and Josh who I have known since they were both tiny and had the privilege of photographing their engagement and wedding a few years ago. Jason was born just before Lancashire went into lockdown again so there was a few days where grandparents could thankfully meet their new bundle and I got a message to come and take some photos. He decided to make his grand entrance on their anniversary which I thought was lovely, what better wedding present?

Turning up at a house in full PPE is a weird experience, necessary but weird. Although I am really impressed that I found a mask that clips onto my glasses, two masks, some gloves and a long lens later I'm going in to meet little Jason. He is super cute and a lovely mix of both his parents. He was sound asleep the whole time which is apparently unusual and was the perfect little model. I did get a message about 10 minutes after I left saying he woke up which I will not take personally haha.

Here are a few of my favourites. Enjoy the cuteness overload:


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