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Rachel and Simon get married at Heskin Hall, Chorley

Rachel and Si are a couple I first met last year. They were looking for a wedding photographer and they picked me! They had first met at work when Si inhaled helium from a balloon and serenaded her winning her over instantly.

Today is their wedding day, Rachel is relaxed and calm as she and her bridesmaids get ready. Makeup and hair are done as they open the champagne.Cupcakes and food are served and with an hour to go Rachel gets in her dress.

The venue is a really interesting one, an old hall with gardens that are full of character. The weather is perfect, sunny and warm but not too bright, the camper van pulls up and a buzz goes through family and friends who are waiting. Si is stood nervous at the front but as the music starts and his bride walks down the aisle it all fades till all he can see is her.

I love all the individual touches Rachel and Si have decided upon. I loved how they had lovingly made paper aeroplanes to walk through instead of confetti. It was a really fun touch and everyone loved it.

Rachel and Si look stunning and so do their wedding party. It was a amazing day and great clients. I love that they are up for a bit of fun and it comes across in their photos.


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