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Sally's Maternity Shoot

It’s been lovely having such great weather over the summer. I was a little worried going into this shoot that the weather might not hold up, but after a little weather paddy where it rained for 5 minutes, the skies cleared and we got sun with just a few clouds!

I was really excited about this shoot, not only would I get to team up with Sally, from, again but it was her maternity session! She is only 4 weeks away from meeting baby Fazeli, and looked amazing as she arrived with two georgous outfits and also two floral headbands. I can always rely on Sally for a good fashionable shoot when we get together. I’ve said it before, but I’m no fashionista. I bet baby Fazeli will be no different - comfortably styled without having to think about it. Me? Well I’m happy in jeans and a jumper!

We wanted to find a location with knee high grass and nature all around. My husband and I had gone for a walk a few weeks before and I had seen the perfect location, at the perfect time of day, something known as ‘magic hour’ and loved it! ‘Magic hour' is a term photographers use to describe when the sun is in the perfect place to give beautiful colours and light, so we decided to shoot around the same time to get this incredible natural lighting.

Ayman, Sally’s husband came along to do some couple shots in the afternoon as well. It was my first maternity shoot, as most people just want newborn shots, so it was a new experience for me, but after doing loads of portraits, and reading up on styles and methods, it turns out it’s not too different from regular portraits.

We did a few different areas in the same location, trying to get different light and colours n the shots. I really enjoyed the challenge of a maternity shoot, and we ended up getting some really great relaxed shots, that Ayman, Sally, and myself were really pleased with. Have a look below.


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