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The Robinson Family

It's a slightly damp and gloomy September Saturday afternoon and I am heading to meet up with the Robinson family to do a Photoshoot. Steve (the Dad) had received a voucher for a Photoshoot from his kids for Christmas and as sometimes happens their busy life's had taken hold and it had taken till now to organise the shoot with them all. It has special importance as their son Mark is heading off on a round the world tour and today is one of the last Saturday's all the family can do. We decided to do the shoot at Rivington as this was a place the family had visited many times over the years and it's also a place Rob, my assistant-band, and I have walked around throughout our relationship so I know it well.

Today was not a great weather day. It had rained all week but had brightened up some for the day even if the walkways were incredibly muddy but it was a good excuse to get out the walking boots. We headed down the trail to the river, I really wanted to do some fun things with the family. First on the list was rock skimming, a great activity for the family and a fun way to start the shoot and get rid of any nerves the family may have.

Sometimes it's hard to photograph families with grown up children. You have to be a little more inventive than with littler ones. However I love this shoot, I think we fit everything to the families personalities, fun, silly and a few serious ones for mum! Here are a few of my favourites...


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