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Tori and Hannes get married at Three Hills Barn, Torpenhow

Tori first met Hannes on her first morning in Romania when they were both out there doing missionary work with Roma families. Tori was living with 4 Swedish and 2 Romanian girls but when she came out of her room that first morning there was Hannes (his house didn’t have internet yet!) although it wasn’t love at first sight.

After spending almost 2 years in the same friendship group it was only in the second year when they were working together developing school projects did they discover they quite enjoyed each other’s company! Finally, Tori and Hannes started dating June 2017 1 month before I was due to leave Romania and return to work in Cumbria.

Hannes continued to volunteer in Romanian until August 2018 and they managed to survive a long-distance relationship for a year before he came to England to see if the relationship would work out.

One evening in November 2018 Tori had a late parents evening, she's a teacher, and after arriving home she discovered Hannes had filled the living room and dining room of her house with 200 candles. At first, she thought he was just being romantic after her very long day at work. Tori only realised he was going to propose after he pointed out the small box on the table. Hannes got down on one knee and asked Tori to marry him! Of course, she said yes!

Their wedding day arrived on 24th July 2019. I drove up the night before and stayed over just outside Torpenhow in Cumbria ready for the early start. I arrived at the lovely barn Tori was getting ready in surrounded by her family and bridesmaids. There was a lovely excitable feel in the air. Champagne was popped as everyone got dressed.

Hannes had arrived at the church early so we grabbed a few shots of him with the boys getting final bits ready as he waited for Tori. Tori arrived in a vintage VW campervan carrying a bouquet of sunflowers.

The ceremony was just filled with joy and laughter and some singing Hymns in Swedish too. The whole wedding day was a wonderful mix of two cultures and traditions. The reception included a Abba tribute singing session, a quiz on the couple, traditional games as well as speeches and a lovely handmade pizza from a converted horsebox.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day.. It was so hard to choose though.


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