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Alex and John get married at Salmesbury Hall

Sometimes things just happen in life for a reason and how I met Alex and Jon is one of those. Back in 2020 when we were under lockdown I decided to do a charity doorstep shoot around Penwortham where I live and myself and my family went on our walk around Penwortham and Alex's mum, Morag, was one of the people who had their photo taken so when Alex and Jon were looking for a photographer she recommended me and the rest as they say is history haha.

It was a glorious sunny October day when I arrived at Salmesbury Hall and it stayed that way all day. There was a slight nip in the air but a wonderful day that really set off Salmesbury Hall. I've shot here a few times and it's such a lovely placce to have so close.

Alex and Jon's day was filled with laughter, from the antics Morag got up too, to her dad giving everyone a pen as a present, the singing waiters and the dancing they got John to do, competition style all the way until we left joy was everywhere.

It was hard to choose but here are a few of my favourites: