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Anna and Nigel get married at Ferrari's Country House Hotel, Lancashire

I’ve known Anna for over 10 years and we’ve been close friends for about the same amount of time. She’s been there for all the good times and bad times and I for her so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I jumped at the chance. There was one little snag though as I would be 9 months pregnant (and 2 weeks off my due date) on the date of her wedding not something I would normally agree too but this was no normal wedding or any other client so I said yes!

Being the responsible photographer I am I chatted with my friend and colleague Janet from Janet Wareing photography she agreed to come onboard and bring her second Conny to help (as my usual second is Anna’s brother so he was a little busy that day being best man). I’ve worked with Janet many times and it was great to work with her again and to try and understand Connys thick Yorkshire accent as a Lancashire gal.

The ceremony took place at Fulwood Free Methodist a church I have photographed at many times. Such a lovely venue with the wooden ceilings and stained glass inserts makes it very dramatic.

Nigel and Anna love walking around the lake district, in fact anywhere, they are always posting photos of the grand and beautiful places they end up walking to over the weekend and they had included this shared love in the little touches in the reception. The cake looked like they had taken it straight from the surrounding of their latest walk.

My usual second photographer at weddings was the best man and he along with Nigel and Anna's dad John did a great job of the speeches even though he was incredibly nervous!. I always hear great stories about the couple during the speeches although I can't spill any beans on this one Anna would kill me haha.

Congratulations Anna and Nigel! You are a lovely couple and wonderful people.


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