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Becka and Sam’s wedding at Didsbury House, Manchester

Sam and Becka met through an online dating website back in 2014. Their first date coincidently fell on Becka’s parent’s wedding anniversary, which she joked was either going to be a good or bad sign! It didn’t seem like it was getting off to a great start when they kept getting kicked out of places as they closed, but that first date ended up lasting 7 hours, and they’ve been together ever since!

Sam proposed to Becka, in December 2021 - he’d originally intended to pop the question while they were out for dinner in Manchester, but with all the crowds of people at their Christmas parties, he decided to wait until they were back at home. Becka was actually curled up in her PJs wearing a book!

I met Becka and Sam at a wedding fayre - they were standing in front of me watching the catwalk, and I clocked they were both wearing Dr. Martens. So, when they turned around I gestured to our matching footwear and said “I think we need to talk!”.

Becka and Sam got married at Didsbury House Hotel near Manchester. Becka loves to plan, and did a brilliant job organising lots of fun and personal touches for their big day, like their wedding cheese from Cheese Hamlet, bubble confetti and table names based on their favourite book series (which Sam had even quoted during his proposal!). The whole day was really chilled and relaxed and I was honored to be part of it.

Decoration and flowers: Willow and Fig

Dress: Monsoon

Wedding cheese: Cheese Hamlet


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