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Hannah and Harry tie the knot in Burnley

Hannah and Harry were another couple hit by 2020’s pandemic. They were due to get married in June 2020 and made the decision to postpone it a year. I remember the first time I met Hannah and Harry I was about 5 months pregnant and by the time they got married my daughter was 16 months, 2020 was a bit of a time warp.

Their wedding was the first I had done since the government opened up weddings again a few weeks before, they were only allowed 30 guests but that wasn’t going to stop them they had an absolute blast. I will always remember being stage rushed at the end as I stood taking a large group photo in the Pub car park before I left, shouting thank you across the guests and waving bye as the whole group ran towards me in celebration. It felt so lovely and like I was friend rather than someone they hired and I love that about my clients. I’m so glad they managed to get married and have such a special day.

I asked Hannah and Harry to tell me a bit more about how they met and got engaged for the blog, I love a good story don’t you? Here’s what Harry said:

’We originally met when in primary school circa 2001. Although Hannah doesn’t remember me from there (she was cooler than me). Our paths next crossed on 27th February 2016 on a night out in Burnley town centre. Where after some Dutch courage I re-introduced myself, it would be 6 weeks later when Hannah took an interest in me (she was playing hard to get) and in those following months we became inseparable. Enjoying going to gigs and festival together and with friends. In March 2018 I proposed to Hannah in Berlin whilst at a Liam Gallagher concert, and we’d arranged to be married on the 13th June 2020. Sadly there was a small pandemic going on which meant our plans were cancelled and in its place we expanded our family with a fluffy, floppy eared spaniel called Maggie. She makes us smile every day and we wouldn’t be without her. When the rules around weddings changed, we decided we simply didn’t want to wait, so we arranged an intimate wedding with our closest family and friends and it was the most perfect day we could have ever wished for. We love each other unconditionally and are thoroughly enjoying married life and looking forward to our story ahead.’