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Jen and Jack get married at Bartle Hall, Preston

Jen and Jack first met in high school and have been together ever since. They were due to get married in August 2020 but had to rearrange due to the pandemic and got married almost to the day in 2021.

All the girls had stayed in one of the Lodges at Bartle Hall together for one last night of fun and girly prep before the big day. When I arrived there was a mix of sadness and joy. Jen’s brother sadly died in 2020 and his presence was being missed but the girls rallied round her and made it as much fun as they could.

Her dress was beautiful and really suited her, her make up and hair was amazing as she headed down the aisle to Jack, who was waiting patiently for her. I’m sure I saw a tear appear in his eye as he saw his bride appear.

Despite the rain we managed to get out for some couple photos for about 5 minutes before the rain became biblical but I really love them. It was such a special day for everyone and as they danced the night away the excitement and relief that the wedding had happened and they were finally married was palpable.

I asked Jen to tell me a little about how her and Jack met and her is what she said: 'Myself and Jack met in high school, we were in the same classes from the age of 11. We became good friends when we both attended the same badminton club when we were 14 and that's where I also met his younger (and extremely crazy!) sister. Over the next year we grew closer, that summer whilst I was on a family holiday I used my one hour of internet allowance a day to message Jack. One day he confided in me that he liked someone and didn't know what to do, I asked who it was and he wouldn't say. I went through all the girls in our year until he finally said ''it's you.'' That was when my internet time ran out! When we next spoke we agreed that we weren't going to do anything about it as we didn't want it to ruin our friendship, so that was that.

Six months later, Jack and his friend had transformed one of the empty classrooms into a common room. He invited me up so I took my friends and from that day on we'd all spend every break and dinner in there. Jack and I would always sit next to each other and one day he spontaneously held my hand and I got butterflies. It was bizarre, I didn't know he still liked me as we'd not spoken about it since summer, nor had I told him that I'd developed feelings for him too.

That night we spoke and I said ''let's give it a go and if it goes wrong then we'll pretend it never happened and stay friends.'' never went wrong and 10 years on we're finally married. Our engagement was incredible. For as long as I can remember I wanted to see the Northern Lights. So, for my 21st birthday present, Jack took us to Iceland for a long weekend and one extremely cold evening, we went out on a tour to see the Northern Lights. When they finally appeared I turned around to see Jack on one knee in the snow with the ring in his hand. Of course, I said yes and it was the most surreal moment of my life.'

I mean that story along was worth coming to the blog right?

Here are some of my favourites from the day.


Venue: Bartle Hall Hotel, Preston

Flowers: Heathers Florist, Whitestake

Dress: Wed2be

Hair: Victoria Lousie Hair

Make Up: Nicola at Sonara Parker

Venue Dresser: Creative Venue Stylist


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