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Jon and Alisa's Mini Maternity Session

It’s not often I get to do maternity shoots, mainly because most people don’t think about capturing photos of themselves and their bumps, so it was a real treat to do a maternity photo session with Alisa and Jon.

Alisa was 8 months along on the day of the shoot and ready to go on maternity leave but running a successful business she had lots of work still to do before she took a little break. After a lot of discussion we decided to do the shoot in a small studio with the weather being awful - it always seems to rain in Preston - as with this shoot we were definitely on a strict time limit with no idea of the deadline as babies seem to be the only ones who know when they want to come and meet people. 

Being pregnant myself at the time of this mini maternity shoot it was lovely to capture such an important moment in their lives and talk bumps and baby things. Here are a few of my favourites...


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