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Meeting Arran

It's almost Christmas and I’m driving to Blackburn to meet Grace, Matt and Arran for a photo session. This is a lovely present form Grace’s family, I’m photographing her sister’s wedding in August, they wanted to do something special for her first baby so bought her a photo shoot with their new little week old baby boy.

I arrive and meet this new little family. Aaron is super cute, he has a gorgeous smile and doesn’t even seem bothered by the prospect of photos. Mind you at a week old he has no idea what is about to happen.

After a bit of setup we start taking some photos. He completely works the camera pulling some great faces at me. You can see his little personality coming out in the photos. Mum Grace is watching on while Dad Matt makes everyone a brew. Arran decides he also needs a drink so we pause for milk and a clean nappy.

I love taking photos with new families, it captures a moment in time most new parents don’t always remember with the mix of sleepless nights, constant feeding and nappy changes. Babies are only tiny for so long and then they start to stretch and change as they get older.

It was a lovely photo shoot with such a wonderful family. Here are a few of my favourites from the session:


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