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Preston Family Farm Photography Session

It’s a Saturday early August and we are heading to Rachel's family farm to do a family photo shoot with her and her wonderful little family. It’s one of those gorgeously sunny warm summer Saturday's that come along way to rarely. The farm is such a wonderful location, fields, sheep, old tractors, who could ask for more from a location.

Rachel, Matt and little Artie have just arrived and are excited. They had asked for a photo shoot voucher from Rachel's mum for Christmas but had wanted to wait until Artie was walking properly and they couldn’t have timed it better. 

We walked around the farm taking some photos near the little lake with its own island, posed with sheep and in the vintage looking blue tractor. Artie was a little tired and unhappy but I put my trusty assistant, my husband Rob, to good use playing peek a boo and bubble machine operator extraordinaire to keep Artie entertained and more importantly helping to make sure he was having a great time. 

It was such a lovely photo shoot and it’s so hard to pick my favourite but here are a few of them!


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