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Sally, Aymen, Hugo and a pumpkin patch

I do love Saturdays in Autumn. The colour in the leaves and trees are amazing and I do love photographing in Autumn. My good friend Sally Fazelli (check out her blog at called me and asked if I could do a photoshoot with her and her gorgeous family at a local pumpkin farm of course I immediately said yes! I love working with Sally and when our schedules allow it’s always good to get together and do a shoot. 

Saturday morning we headed out to the farm, which still had a few pumpkins left even in mid October. Sally had told me they grow the biggest pumpkins around and she wasn’t wrong. We started with the little pumpkin patch in the field as the grey sky looked menacing in the distance. Hugo did a great job as always he is standing pretty much unsupported so was excited to be standing next to these weird orange ball shaped things. After doing some photos outside we moved inside as Sally really wanted some with the one MASSIVE pumpkin that was left. It was the size of a kids ride around car! 

Hugo just wanted to explore around the farm and the pumpkins. It's like a toddlers paradise! Some of the chickens from the small pen next to the greenhouse had escaped and were running around, excited to see what was going on. 

Near the end of the shoot I wanted to make sure we had got some great family photos of all the family together. We took a little detour to the side of the farm where there was as lovely grove of green trees and a beautiful blue sky. It was the perfect spot to finish the shoot and get some wonderful photos. 

Below are a few of my favourites, head on over to Sally's blog to see hers!


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