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Alex and Mark tie the knot at Bashall Barn

Can I be honest with you? Even though I am a wedding photographer, I actually don't really like weddings. Let me clarify before I get beaten with bouquets... I don't like your typical film, tv or magazine wedding. For me, a wedding should be a celebration of who the couple are, and the joining of those two people as one. Thankfully most weddings these days are more like this than trying to be a one-size-fits-all "perfect". I love weddings that are individual, and reflect who the couple are. The wedding I shot a few weeks ago was an excellent

example of that, and I really enjoyed myself!

Between the spotty blue wellies and the photos in the cow shed (that’s one brave bride) I thought all the little touches made it all about the couple in question. The bride was up for doing most things and I have to give props to the bridesmaids who came up with some silly - and hilarious - ideas themselves.

We created some memorable photos any one of them would love to hang on their wall and also some amazing shots that generations to come will look at and laugh - seeing the personalities of their family shining through.

Anyway below are a few of my personal favourites from the day, it was hard to narrow it down! Thanks for reading :)

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sprakes :)


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