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Alice and Niall get married at Stockport Town Hall

Alice and Niall opted for a small wedding at Stockport Town Hall [ ], with only 15 of their closest friends and family present. Despite only being a small wedding, the couple had carefully considered every little detail. The bride wore a lovely beaded headband and light blue dress, which was perfectly complemented by Niall’s blue suit and their flowers.

Looking for beauty in the location I am photographing is a big part of my job. Sometimes it’s easy, other time’s it's a bit more difficult, but I tend to think the harder spaces can be beautiful too. Alica and Niall share my view and really love the 1960s concrete spaces around Stockport, so were keen to use this in their wedding photos. Despite only having 1 hour, we were able to cover a few different locations around the Town Hall. And by using different angles and techniques such as long exposures I was able to capture some really special and beautiful shots.

I won a Wedisson award for the image below of Alice and Niall. I asked them to trust me and stand there and it took a few minutes but we got the shot and we all love it!

Here are some of my favourites from the day:


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