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Amelia and Harry John's Engagement Shoot - The Chevin, Leeds

Harry John and Amelia met at Bradford Grammar School in 2008 when she joined the sixth form. Harry John was the Rugby captain and Amelia says she had some competition but she got her man in the end.

After a whirlwind high school romance they both headed of to university, HJ headed to Nottingham and Amelia headed to Sheffield but distance was no obstacle for these two and they kept their long distance relationship alive and in 2015 bought their first house together.

I think I should let Amelia tell you the rest of the story as I think it’s pretty perfect...

“We’d be getting the marriage questions for about a year before he did it....I always thought he’d be a blubbering mess when he proposed as he’s quite a sensitive guy but he completely threw me by surprise!

On November 3rd 2016 - I’d had a bad day at work - I’d rang HJ when I was driving back from Newcastle - he was at the gym with a friend of ours who was living with us at the time - I basically told him not to annoy me off cos I wasn’t in the mood. When he was leaving the gym he just casually decided to tell our friend “tonight’s the night - I’m gonna do it” which caused our friend to freak out as he didn’t want to be in the house to “ruin the moment”... he proceeded to hide in his room for the evening!

They made a detour to Morrisons to buy me some flowers - so as I walked in HJ handed me a lovely bunch of roses and gerbera flowers - I wasn’t suspicious as I thought he was trying to cheer me up, which I thought was cute because he’s terribly allergic and can’t stop sneezing around flowers. He then said he had another small gift for me but he’d said it’s upstairs - he told me to sit on the bed as close my eyes - so I obliged - this isn’t meant to sound like a load of dirty innuendos by the way. He was rustling around in the room next door and me being me I was getting all restless and told him to hurry up (terrible upon reflection).

Eyes still covered, he came back into our room and I felt him standing in front of me and he said “you know how much I love you don’t you” and I said “yes” - he then said open your eyes and had the box open in front of me ... which I looked at and then looked at his face, to see him with a beaming smile and then he said “will you marry me?” To which I actually said are you f###ing joking?!?

To which he said ‘Amelia no!’ Then I screamed and said yes...and told him to get down on one knee which he refused haha.”

I love this couple they are so much fun and we had a great time celebrating their engagement with this session. I can't wait to photograph their wedding.


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