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Celina and Conrad get married in Skipton and BillyBObs Ice Cream Parlour

I remember the phone call clearly, Celina had called to ask if I was available to photograph their wedding on a Wednesday in April. It was only a few weeks before the wedding and they weren’t going to have a photographer as it was going to be a super small wedding however the decided to call me and I’m so happy they did.

When we met we immediately hit it of with ideas and things we could do with the time they had booked. They decided they wanted their couple photos before their ceremony so I thought it would be a great idea to do a first look which we did. We met in Skipton town centre and I got Conrad to close his eyes and not look as Celina approached. It was lots of fun to photograph as he was really nervous!

Celina looked stunning in her green velvet dress and Conrad had a rocker look. We walked around the town centre from the castle to the registry office to capture photos for an hour before the ceremony and it was so much fun.

The ceremony was small but so lovely and filled with family, Celinas parents had come over from America for the wedding. After we had confetti outside and headed to BillyBobs Parlour where they had a whole section to themselves. We captured some photos in the old yellow school bus and in the booths. It was only 3 hours but we did so much and had so much fun.

I asked Celina to tell me how they met and got engaged and this is what she wrote:

Conrad and I actually met on Tinder in February 2020 (so, pre-COVID)- I woke up one morning to a message from him. We chatted and hit it off straight away, so we met about a week later in Southport on our first date with a walk on the pier.

Conrad proposed last autumn while we were visiting my parents in Montana. We were visiting Glacier National Park with my parents, and he got down on one knee in front of the “sacred dancing cascade” - a gorgeous waterfall.

There was a small crowd on a nearby bridge that applauded when it was clear I said “Yes”. One of the bystanders took pictures of Conrad getting down on one knee and sent them to us afterward (I think my parents were too caught up in the moment for photos, haha!) It felt so surreal, like something out of a movie - it was the most beautiful, romantic day.

Here are a few of my favourites:


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