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Josh and Steph's Engagement at Bluebell Wood, Preston

I have know both Josh and Steph for years, I remember working with Josh at Sainsbury's just after I finished my degree (gosh! almost 13 years ago) and Steph used to be one of the kid dancers at my Mum's Sunday School, yes Steph I went there haha don’t worry there are no photos here anyway. They are a great couple and I am very excited to be photographing their wedding. It’s always an honour when friends ask you to photograph their special day.

After chatting with them in their first client meeting I went away and talked to my assit-band (assistant/husband) Rob and we decided that after knowing them both separately and together for around 20 years (yes I am that old) we would go ‘off list’ and give them an engagement shoot as a wedding present. After all I’m sure it’s ok to go off list when it’s not one of those awful photo frames you would never use or 90’s microwave (yes we got offered one when we got married, I politely told my Grandma thank you but we had one).

It’s an unusually sunny Friday afternoon mid May and we are meeting at Bluebell wood in Calder Vale, Lancashire. It’s not a place I have ever been but it’s a gorgeous location in the middle of nowhere hidden around the back of an old church. I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location and this is why I leave that up to my clients, they know where is special to them, where means most and they have never disappointed me yet!

The suns stays out as we photograph in a few locations around the bluebells, great light is coming through the trees. I had such a great time and we stayed out a little longer than we had planned but it was worth every minute and I went home thirsty, hot and dusty so I treated myself to an ice cream (after all why not?).

Great clients + Great location = Epically amazing photos. Here are a few of my favourites, it was incredibly hard to choose though!


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