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Lesley and Joe get married in SUnnyHurst Woods

Lesly and Joe were having a small and intimate wedding at the Old Kiosk in Sunnyhurst woods Darwen. I haven't ever shot there before but many years ago went to my Aunty'sbirthday party there as the woods are her favourite place so the week before myself and the kids went for a walk around the woods and venue and there are so many lovely spaces it was hard to choose where to photograph first.

The day was sunny and bright which in 2023 was a minor miracle as it's rained most of the year, and Joe looked a bit nervous waiting for his beautiful bride but she arrived perfectly on time and the wedding began.

It was really lovely to see all their friends and family enjoying the day, laughing, crying and talking through memories of the couple.

Lesly and Joe booked the 2-hour package which was perfect for their small and intimate wedding. Here are a few of my favourites: