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Liz and Sam get married in Zurich

Liz contacted me early in 2018 to ask if I would fly to Zurich and photograph her wedding, I mean I didn't really have to think long and hard about it of course I said yes! We chatted via Skype and went through the details of the weekend. Liz is from Lancashire and Sam is from Switzerland so they were having a wedding of mixed traditions.

I was excited and nervous to head to Zurich, I have never done a destination wedding before, the furthest I have travelled to photograph a wedding is Oxford. I packed all my kit and took my trusty assist-band (assistant/husband) Rob with me to help with logistics and carting kit around.

We arrived to a beautiful sunny Zurich day and headed to our hotel to prepare for the wedding the next day. The Saturday morning we woke up to rain clouds and a grey sky, apparently Zurich and Lancashire have the same weather system, undeterred we headed to Liz and Sam's flat where everyone was meeting to head over to the registry office.

They have a different way of getting married in Zurich. You HAVE to get married at the registry office and then you go onto your venue where you can have another ceremony. At the registry office it was just family, bridesmaids, Rob and me.

It was completely different than you'd expect, the bride and groom and their witnesses sit around a large table to go through the ceremony which was all in German a language I don't speak however after doing so many weddings I got the gist.

It was still raining when we left the registry office but took a couple of minutes to capture some lovely photos around the river.

We then headed to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall where they had the main ceremony with all their friends and family and family. We were even treaded to some traditional music.

It was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful couple. Even the rain didn't put a dampner on it.

Here are a few of my photos from the day. Enjoy!


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