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Lyndsay and Stephen get Married at Lancaster Golf Club

6th July 2019

It's a gorgeous Saturday in July and I am heading to Lancaster to photograph the lovely Lyndsay and Stephens wedding, I pull up outside what can only be described as a castle where Lyndsay is getting ready with her friends and head on in. The mood is a little stressful as there have been a few problems with the cars that they have hired but Lyndsay is on it and gets it sorted quickly and bacon butties arrive so that always lightens the mood.

Stephen and Lyndsay met back in 2009 on a night out in Lancaster after numbers were exchanged a few weeks later they met for coffee and dated for a little while, moving in together and having their first son Max in 2014.

Deciding to take a well earned holiday they headed off to Tenerife about a year later. They were on a moonlit evening stroll down the Avenues adjacent to the beach when they stopped at a small bench overlooking the sea. Stephen proposed at that moment using Lyndsay's Great Grandmothers engagement ring.

In 2018 their youngest Teddy was born they decided that the perfect wedding date would be the 10th anniversary of the night they met and they couldn't have picked a better day.

I love the little touches they had throughout the day using Lyndsay's great Grandmothers wedding ring and Stephens late fathers wedding ring to tie the knot. Their eldest boy now almost 5 was their ring bearer, using props as centrepieces that represented favourite childhood stories, personalised wedding favours and sweets from childhood and homemade confetti.

It's capturing parts of a couples story that I love and all these little touches throughout the day just made it so special and so individual to them. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day.


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