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Meeting Benjamin

I always find newborn shoots interesting. Normally with a portrait shoot you get to meet the person first and work out their personality, their likes and dislikes, but with a newborn shoot you are meeting someone for the first time usually before most friends and family have had chance too. You never know what the baby’s temperament will be or as in this case if it will be a boy or a girl.

On February 14th I got to meet 6 day old baby Benjamin Alexander. We set up our portable studio and after Benjamin had a quick milk snack or two we got started. I love putting little special touches in photos that make them personal to the clients and this time was no different. After a chat with mum and dad I found out dad still had his university scarf so I decided to use dad’s it to wrap Benjamin in for one of the ‘outfits’. Benjamin was a great baby, probably the sleepiest I have ever worked with and he even gave me a cheeky smile or two.

It was hard to choose my favourite photos for this blog but here are the ones I eventually settled on...enjoy...


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